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How I started Brewing!

This may be the most black picture you ever see of me. I am half black, half Colombian and 100% San Nicolas Aruba born and raised.

I graduated as a chemical engineer in Holland in 2015. Shortly after graduating my wife said lets move back to Aruba and so we did 🇦🇼 Happy Wife Happy Life 🙌🏼 I stand by that 😁

In Aruba I spent 18 months applying everywhere as a Chemical engineer but there wasn’t even much reaction or jobs available. I was already a craft beer drinker and I said why not use our big soup pan to start home brewing 😆 in that case I will be practicing my profession and making beer 🍺 sounds like fun I thought 😎 I always loved reading so I started reading all about brewing, the first beers I made was really awful, I mean really 🤣 but we drank them 🤪They were also great tho, because they were the beginning of Fireson 🔥

Fast forward to 2017 I received a job offer but in Curacao at the Isla refinery. After really thinking it through with my wife if we should all move there to take the job she came with an idea 💡 she said why don’t we start something in Aruba here for you 🧐 A local craft beer brewery, since they were non in Aruba we thought would really add value to the Island 🇦🇼The international craft beer market was booming! So as Crazy as that sounded two 32 year old young graduates started that journey. Boy we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into 😆

But you know what’s amazing about this? The craft beer community is just the most amazing community there is!! Just the support that comes and goes is 🙏

So we opened our doors in July 2018 and ever since had to jump a lot of hoops. We were located on a hot strip but in the back so travelers couldn’t really see us right away and locals didn’t know much about craft beer so it was a slow growth, but slow and steady wins the race right? 😄

The first beer we made was called Bao Palo. Meaning under a tree. A true local tradition 🇦🇼

Well guys if you liked our history post let us know in the comments we will for sure have a million stories to share 🍻

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I love your origin story. Sounds like almost every other success story with a happy ending. It IS happy, isn’t it? Are you back to brewing your own beers? The government knows how to spoil every good thing the people dream up. Cheers!

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