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Aruba Handmade 02-June-2023 

Fireson Brewing Company is an independent local craft brewery located in the heart of Aruba. We specialize in creating unique, handcrafted beers in small limited batches that reflect our passion for quality and innovation. Our beers are brewed with only the freshest ingredients and are sure to please even the most discerning of beer lovers.


We are excited to host a special pop-up event on June 2nd. We have invited a selection of local creators , businesses to showcase their works and share their stories with our community. We believe that supporting one another is the key to success and that is why we are passionate about providing a platform for local creators to come together, connect and inspire one another.

Come join us for an afternoon of shopping, food, drinks,

 networking and enjoying the amazing creations of our local community. Read more about the event and the participants below.



What started as a simple request by a friend turned into a colorful obsession with handmade hair accessories. 


Growing up with curly hair, I had absolutely no idea on how to love and care for my curly hair. I was teased and bullied because of my short curly hair and grew up hating my hair. 


With that as an inspiration I run the Cos di Cabey platform as an inspirational and feel-good space for all hair types with focus on curly hair. 


I create (sew) quality hair accessories that help maintain healthy hair, such as satin scrunchies, satin sleep bonnets, satin hair curlers and satin pillowcases. 


My love for sewing has been around for a while, but after taking a few classes during 2020 it bloomed into a full time obsession of discovering my talents. 

Designer: Janine M. Lacle

IG Page: cosdicabey


Aruba Life Organics

Arubalife Organics is a skincare brand that offers safe and effective products for both the skin and the environment. The founder's wellness and zero-waste journey began over a decade ago when she became pregnant with her first child. The brand's philosophy centers around using minimal, pure, and organic ingredients in their skincare formulations to create safe and eco-friendly products that are effective for all skin types. Their goal is to inspire customers to adopt a healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle.

In addition to their product offerings, Arubalife Organics also conducts DIY workshops for skincare enthusiasts, where they teach people to make their own skincare products using natural and organic ingredients. Arubalife Organics is passionate about promoting wellness and sustainability and continuously strives to create innovative products that cater to their customers' needs while maintaining their commitment to using environmentally friendly practices.

Designer: Julienne Heronimo

IG page: Arubalife_Organics

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Just 2 girls as busy as can be, who know they can always make at least 1 more accessory.


LaVin started 2 years ago when the world tested us in the worst and yet in the best possible way.


It was a random afternoon when a funky, cute bracelet caught our attention. The only bad thing was that this was not obtainable on the island.......yet!


Busy Kiana and Michella with full time jobs, kid, boyfriend, Doctors Degree in the Making, deadlines and more, decided to add one extra thing on our to-do list. We would sell this cute collection... because in our minds if we liked this so much, so would our friends... and luckily they did.


LaVin is an outcome of the good effects of Covid. In the beginning we always said that LaVin is an adventure that will continue as long as it continues to be fun.


To our surprise it was not only fun. It was and still is a connection, a responsibility, a passion, a fun time on Thursdays and so much more.


We have discovered now that what satisfies us most is knowing that someone is able to wear something completely personalized, which means that this is not just another accessory. It has a meaning to it. It brings you back to a person or a moment just by looking at it.


The satisfaction of knowing that we are able to bring this feeling to someone is much more than fun, it is rewarding.


So for this reason, we are 2 girls who are always able to make 1 more accessory for the one who needs this.

Designers:  Michella Vingal & Kiana de Lannoy

IG page: lavinaccessoriesaruba


Ryra Makes

I am very passionate about arts and crafts. As a child, I used to see my grandma make various crafts and I was inspired to do the same. When I experienced a burnout, I started crafting to make some income and it quickly grew into a passion project.

I am dedicated to creating crafts with our language, Papiamento, which is widely spoken in the Caribbean. Our products range from stickers, notepads and journal charms. My goal is to have more crafts with our language and to spread the message of our culture.

Designer: Ceara Ras

IG page: Ryra297

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Cactusly Creations

In my teenage years I used to dance in a group, however I stopped because I started a full time job and haven’t had no free time for practicing.

In the meantime I started searching videos of crafting on youtube and started following different crafters Instagram accounts.

Everything started in September 2020, when I bought my first Crafting machine.

My first product that I have made with my machine was a vinyl sticker to put on a car.

At that time I kept watching different youtube videos and started making more products like customs party decorations, shirts, caketopper, keychain, tumblers, giftsets and much more.

After a while I also started baking seeing I can combine crafting with baking very well.

For example, you can request a cake and you can also request a personalized caketopper on your cake, that way it's a one stop shop and I can offer a easy and convenient service and product for my customers.

Our  name Cactusly Creations was inspired by our beautiful cactuses on our island.

Designer: Sharienne Hoevertsz

IG page: Cactuslycreations


LOVEmade Aruba

I'm Gia and I am the owner of LOVEmade Aruba. I've been formulating my own skincare (face masks & scrubs) from the age of 13. In 2020 I used my passion for formulation as a way to distract myself from the chaos of the outside world. LOVEmade as a business started at the end of 2020 due to high demand for the products I was formulating and gifting to friends & family. We strive to offer natural locally produced high quality skincare products to locals and tourists alike. Every ingredient that is used is either raw or cold pressed to ensure that our products have the best nutrients for your skin. Everything is handmade and made in Aruba. Fast forward to 2023 we now have a website and our products are also available in store at 2 different locations on the island: Super Food Plaza Aruba and Beach n’ Flips.

Designer: Gianira Maduro

IG page: lovemadearuba



Pearltree Crochet

From singing to poetry and from hosting to painting, 19-year old me Amanda Britten, always immersed in the arts starting out as a bright and expressive young child. However, it wasn't until March 2022 that I started to experiment with crocheting. Slowly but surely, I began sharing my works with the community in Aruba through my Facebook page Pearl Tree Crochet and Instagram @pearltree.crochet. Super blessed to be supported by my team of loved ones, and I am very excited to feature my work at Fireson's Pop-up event on June 2nd 2023.

Designer: Amanda Britten

IG page: pearltree.crochet 



This small business first started out as just a simple art account on instagram. Then I started getting comments like " why aren't you selling these designs " and then I thought you know what? Why not. After that this simple art account went from just designing for fun to becoming an online small business. At the beginning it was just phone cases, then came creating beaded jewelry pieces and now designs on cup as well( soon to be more ). All made by me. I've come a long way and couldn't be more excited for this amazing event highlighting an important part of Aruba which is our local handmade items market.

Designer: Kasey Quandt

IG page: sofiazdesigns 



Bombshell & Co.


My name is Stephany van der Biezen-Croes i am 27 years old and i am the founder and owner of Bombshell & Co.  Body Care. 

Mother to my two amazing boys Logan and Luka who are my daily motivation and inspiration in life and business. 


Bombshell & Co. originally started in my parents kitchen when i was just 12 years of age. That’s when i started experimenting with different products / ingredients known to be safe for sensitive skin.  Especially sugar body scrubs who are still our main and best selling products. 


I have always been very passionate about body care products. And I have always been very cautious of the ingredients that I put on my body due to my sensitive skin. 


After years of only using my hand crafted products on myself, I decided to gift a bunch of them to my family and friends. 

After receiving so many positive feedbacks from family and friends we decided to make bombshell & Co. official in 2020 and open our doors to business.

Starting with at home pick up and also delivery. 

Our first pop up event was in March of 2021. 



Our Sugar Body Scrubs are a perfect blend of goodness with certified organic , vegan and clean products,

including Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grape seed Oil, Almond Oil , and Vitamin E Oil. 

All our ingredients are perfect for revitalizing moisture and insuring the best nutrients for your sensitive skin and all skin types. 



We have so many plans for the future of Bombshell and would love for you to be a part of our family! 

Designer: Stephany van der Biezen- Croes

IG Page: Bombshellcompany



Rexa Bizou

A timeless design aesthetic, refined craftsmanship and meaningful inspiration are at the center of the Rexa Bizou brand.

The company was founded in 2015, by designer Rekha Croes-Daryanani — born in Curaçao — after she followed the love of her life and now husband to start their new family life in Aruba.

Born July 18, 1982, Designer Rekha Croes-Daryanani was raised in a jewelry business environment, with her father being a jewelry store owner and goldsmith specialized in jewelry-making. Although she grew up around her father working his jewelry torches —  making jewelry pieces from start to finish — it wasn’t until he passed away when she was 25 years old that she identified and pursued a desire to continue his legacy. 


Carrying on her fathers’ legacy, Rekha began her career as a Jewelry Designer in Aruba designing for Rexa Bizou - a handmade accessory line that carries both the designer’s casual line and her luxury line.


“My inspiration comes from my passion to inspire beauty and growth, as well as, the places I love to visit. I want to use my talent to influence and inspire others with meaningful messages so that besides purchasing something beautiful for the eye, they also acquire something significant for the heart and soul. And significance deserves to be adorned in beautiful gemstones and timeless designs. I have a love for crystals because of their beauty, finesse and manageability. I use Swarovski crystals and other types of crystals, combined with gold filled stainless steel.”

The entire Rexa Bizou line is handmade, so you will never find two pieces alike. They may have a similar design and pattern, but there is never an exact equal outcome. “Handmade products have a-lot of love, dedication and craftsmanship in every piece, they are unique and made for the person who ordered it. We don’t keep a stock, each piece is specially made when ordered. In bakery terms, we say: Fresh from the oven.”

Desinger: Rekha Croes

IG page: Rexabizou


Baked by Char


My name is Charella Lopes and I am 28 years old. 

Due to medical reasons I wasn't allowed to keep working and do sports, which led me to be creative and find a new source of income.

So I started with a new hobby which was baking pan boyo, a typical Aruba pastry and banana bread.


At first I was really scared for something going wrong with the baking process, especially in the oven. But after the first trail everything went great and now basically I do it on auto pilot mode.


I started receiving alot of positive feedback on my pan boyo and banana bread so that motivated me to also believe in my product and keep pushing for more. 


I feel super happy to be able to do something that I love. 

Baker: Charella Lopes

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